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100% Cotton Quilted Sofa Towel Non-slip Couch Covers for Sofa

$19.99 $30.00

HOW TO CHOOSE SOFA COVER? (According to the picture below)
 The size of sofa covers you choose, A/D/F should be 20~30cm bigger than the actual size of the sofa. 
SIZE SELECTION ( 1 inch = 2.54 cm ) 
Armrest Towel 
Please choose armrest towel according to the dimension G*H.   
Seat Cover     

Please choose seat cover according to the dimension
E * (F+20~30CM) 1pc    
B * (A+20~30CM) 1pc
C * (D+20~30CM) 1pc
Backrest Towel 

P<60cm, you can choose 70*70cm
60cm<P<75cm, you can choose 90*90cm
P>75cm, you can choose 110*110cm
Cushion Cover Cushion Cover: 45x45cm*2pcs