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Too cold on the couch? Too toasty by the stove?  
Do you have a chilly corner or two in your home despite your wood stove pumping out heat? 🥶

Get this quiet, simple, and ingenious eco fan to immediately reduce the chill in your house, and maximize your home comfort for the cold season. This stove fan is powered by transforming heat into energy, without using any battery or electricity.

Since hot air rises, most of the heat from your stove simply escapes directly above and gets lost. That means you aren’t feeling the full benefit of your Fireplace Wood Stove Fan. 

How Fireplace Blowers Work to Distribute Heat

Wood Stove Fan operates at a low starting temperature (140°F), which means your living space will be toasty in no time. Soon, every part of the room will feel comfortably warm, not just around the fire. 

Specially designed for wood stoves, this fan multiplies the effectiveness of your wood stove by circulating its surrounding hot air all around your home, with zero inconveniences for you.

It is the most economical way to effectively circulate warm air. It uses no batteries so it can be used where there is no electricity. The heat of the stove is conducted through the base of the fan and converted into ‘free’ electricity which powers the eco fan motor. 

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Built-in, automatic overheat protection keep your fan from getting accidentally damaged when you stove gets hot.

wood burning stove fan

✔ Keep Warm. Reduce the winter chill in your house by spreading the warming heat of your stove much farther — and all without needing any effort on your part!

 Heat-Powered. The heat-powered electric fan spreads heat more widely in your living spaces with complete, automatic ease. No batteries, no turning on or off, no annoying cords, no worry for power outages! 

 Silent. Almost zero noise.

 Efficient. Use up to 28% less wood use.

 Eco-friendly. It uses the energy source already coming off your stove! No batteries or electricity required.

 Automatic. It turns on once the base of the fan reaches 140°F (60°C), so any surface (or any kind of stove) that reaches this temperature will power the fan, with the hotter the surface resulting in higher fan speed. 

 Safe. Built-in, automatic overheat protection keep your fan from getting accidentally damaged when you stove gets hot.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. What Does a Wood Stove Fan Do?

A fireplace blower pulls air in from the room and forces it through a channel on the fireplace's exterior. As the air travels around the hot fireplace, it heats up, and by the time it is released into the room, the air is much warmer than the rest of the room. Because of the warm air's convective properties, the now warmer air will rise in the room, settling near the ceiling and causing the cooler air to be pushed down towards the fireplace. 

2. Does a Blower Affect My Wood Stove Burns?

No, a blower does not affect the efficiency, burn times or heat output of a wood stove. Instead, it pushes air around the stove's exterior, heating it and releasing it back into the room. Blowers/fans are always mounted on the outside of stoves and will not push air into the firebox. Therefore, it will not affect the draft or burn rate of the stove. 

3. Why Do I Need a Blower for My Fireplace?

A blower helps circulate the air in the room and pushes warm air out while pulling cooler air into the fireplace's air channel. The released air from the blower helps increase the ambient temperature of the air in the room and, therefore, increases the fireplace's effectiveness, insert, or stoves heating. It does not increase the heating capacity of the unit. The unit will always produce the same amount of heat; instead, it spreads the warm air out over a greater area. The whole room is a comfortable temperature instead of the immediate area beside the unit being really hot, and the far corner of the room is much cooler. 

4. Are Fireplace Fans Loud?

No. Today's modern fireplace fans are actually quite exceptional compared to those even 10-15 years ago. They are smaller, quieter, more powerful, and last longer than ever before.


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