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TIMEMORE chestnut C2 coffee grinder Portable Hand high quality manual grinder grind machine mill with double bearing positioning

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The grinder is forbidden to be washed with water, use the cleaning brush(Package contains) to clean it after grinding

Product description:
Name: Timemore chestnut C grinder
Capacity: about 25g
Size: body 147*52mm, handle 159mm
Weight: Package about 830g
Material: space aluminum + stainless steel + PC
Color: matt white/elegant black
Use: coffee bean grinding

High grinding strength surpasses other products at the same price level
1. Labor saving and good grinding design
 Three-dimensional grid design, stable grip and labor-saving grinding
2. Sharp pure steel grinding core
Five-axis CNC machining, efficient grinding
3. Convenient adjustment of thickness
The point has extreme scale adjustment, which is conducive to memory scale
4. Even grinding particles
Double bearing central axis positioning, precise concentric fit
5. Small and easy to carry
 Distribute cloth bags and carry them with you
6. High-quality material processing
 Space aluminum + stainless steel + PC