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Kalimba, also known as Thumb Piano, is a new instrument originated in Africa. The design concept of this Mini Kalimba comes from the designer's expression of faith, and it’s the best gift for family, friends, especially your boy friend or your girl friend in all important occasion such as Birthday, Christmas, New Year etc.

Cute shape, small and exquisite, let you fall in love with it at first glance. Compact and lightweight, so you can play music anytime, anywhere, which provides you with great convenience.

Amazon.co.jp: 8キー親指ピアノ、カリンバピアノミニ木製親指ピアノ子供のための穴付きポータブル指ピアノ大人初心者音楽愛好家:  ホーム&キッチン

The #1 music instrument recommended by child psychologists

A must have for any parent who care’s about their child’s development

Forget gimmicky child development toys, programs - stick with something proven by science.

Thousands of scientific and academic research studies have shown that music education is monumental in a child’s development.

“Music has a power of forming the character, and should therefore be introduced into the education of the young." - Aristotle

How to play the Mini Kalimba

Playing the mini Kalimba is easy and simple. You don’t need any formal music education, or teacher to play it! 

Simply hold it in your hands and pluck away at the individual keys. Each of the notes on the instrument form “a pentatonic scale”. This makes it very easy to improvise and make up good sounding melodies.

No experience required!


✅Size: 8-key mini size. It's easy to hold in your hand. Perfect travel size.

✅Texture of Material: The kalimba are made of high-quality of strong and sturdy solid sapele-wood and metal to ensure perfect sound effect, and can effectively protect the kalimba from moisture, oxidation, scratches and falling.

✅Easy to learn and play: The keys are engraved with notes, more convenient than other stickers notes thumb piano, so you can have a talent in a short time once you get it, especially for kids and beginners.

✅Wonderful Sound: Mini Kalimba 8 keys, simply push down the metal keys and release, allow the vibration resonates in the kalimba body, which makes the music clear and harmonious.

✅Lanyard Design: Kalimba can be easily placed in wallets, handbags, backpacks, etc. as an ornament. Comes with two kinds of lanyards, you can carry it with you conveniently and practice anytime, anywhere.

Customers' Most Concerned Questions

1. Is this instrument safe for my child to use?

Absolutely! The Mini Kalimba is designed specifically with young children in mind. We’ve carefully crafted it to fit in small hands. The little notes are very soft to play and it does not hurt to play the instrument.

2. My child has never played any instrument before, will he/she be able to play the Mini Kalimba?

100%! The Mini Kalimba has 8 notes and is very easy to play.

The 8 notes or sounds of the instrument are all very pleasant sounding and go well together. It will be easy for your child to improvise and play whatever they want, and have it sound amazing.

3. Can adults play the mini kalimba?

Definitely! Adults can surely play the Mini Kalimba, it might just be a tiny bit harder for those with bigger hands.